5 Things You Need To Spend This Hot Summer Cooler

5 Things You Need To Spend This Hot Summer Cooler

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In this very usual year, starting from the global fighting for Covid-19, to national open-up policy,
people's life has come to the right path even though the crisis still exists. But live in the moment has raised among people. In the last half month, people begin to go outside and gathering together to meet friends and family under the sun. How to spend a cooler summer? This series of "Jackcatte goods selected", we would like to recommend those cool stuff for you:

A portable air-conditioner is a must-have gadget
Stay cool with this air-conditioner, whether you are at home, office, or outdoor camping. With its upgraded cooling system, this air -conditioner provides constantly cool air. Hot weather makes us irritable and can not focus on our work with sweating all the time. So this gadget will help you with that. With added ice or cool water, it provides three-level of air volumes when you are from outside for cooling. Its handle adds a little edge.


An instant cooling spray for cooling your car in 3 second
Every one of us must experience the bothers that the car seat turns into a Barbecue after a short time of parking under the sun. It takes several minutes to cool it down even with the air-conditioner is on. But usually, we need to drive in a short time without burning our hands or hips. So this Instant Cooling Spray could do a lot of help. Open it and spray the liquid on the right areas and cool it down in 3 seconds. For your car, your chair, your bike, your backpack, or anything you want, it works in the same effect. The bottle-design makes it lightweight and easy to carry on and store it on the side pocket of your backpack.

A collapsible sunglasses for outside
To get a better view under the sun with stylish, this collapsible sunglasses could do this. Good sunglasses are a must-owned gadget for everyone, whether you are spending time on the beach, driving a car, or hang out on a street, it's helpful to protect your eyes and keep safe. With these collapsible sunglasses, you can wear it on your ankles, waist, T-shirt, handles, backpack, or anywhere you can easily reach out, and without worrying to lose it again. The arms are made of silicone-coated material, make it durable and lightweight for all-day wearing with no pain. I suppose girls must love those ones.


A folding mat for outdoor gathering and camping
It's time to step outside with family and friends after quarantine at your home during the past few months. Go to the beach, go camping, a family party in the backyard, there are so many things we can do, and this outdoor mat helps you spend the time more pleased. With this mat, talk to your family, and share all your happiness and unhappiness during this time, and let them feel your love for them.


A Rainbow sprinkler bridge for your children
Kids love water in summer, that's we all know well about. There is a plant of toys for children and how to choose the right one your kids love most? Our Jackcatte goods team recommends this Rainbow Sprinkler bridge. With a bridge and mat, your kids could have fun with their friends in this hot summer. The inflatable bridge is easy to install, and takes less space to place it. Get it now for your kids and let them enjoy this summer:


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