BLAUX portable AC- Your Must-owned Gadget For 2020 Hot Summer

BLAUX portable AC- Your Must-owned Gadget For 2020 Hot Summer

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Stop waste your money on the less effective AC anymore. and we are offering this cutting-edge portable AC for you and help you to get cool down in this hot summer.  Most of us are still locked in our houses. The weather department all over the world reports that there is going to be a hot summer in 2020, and it may turn out to be the hottest one for decades.


There is a way to stay cool and save money

You do not have to be compromised between an effective AC and energy-saving AC. And now we have the awesome BLAUX portable AC for you!


Why, it’s this little tiny cube that literally sips electricity with its big, powerful battery.

You can carry it wherever you want cool refreshing air, and it cools your personal space! Not just you, but also your device needs to cool down in this hot summer after running for a long period.

You can put the BLAUX portable AC on your desk while you’re working; You can put it in your kid’s room, and they will sleep well without bothering by hot weather and mosquitos; You can take it out for camping, on the beach, on vacation, without suffering in the stifling, sweaty, miserable summer heat.


 What makes this BALUX portable AC so great?

 Two modes switching. It can create a cooling breeze or be a regular fan on your desk.
Be an air humidifier. When you’re suffering from dry air or need to cool down in a short time, this BLAUX portable AC could make you feel better.
With its fast cooling system, this AC could successfully cool down in 30 seconds
Need more fresh air. Yes, pour the water in the tank inside. The tank capacity is 300mL
Noise cancellation. This AC runs quietly even at night, making it available for your little kids.
Embedded with Type-C fast charging port, this AC supports all types of devices charging. Power bank, USB devices.
Adjustable louvers could change the wind into different directions, meets all your demands.



Pollen, dust, and everything floating around in the air, the indoor pollution only gets worse when you’re inside all the time, even particles from your clothes and hair could get into the air.

The BLAUX portable AC has a changeable, efficient water curtain to trap all these particles before they get blown on you. It’s very effective, and after it gets too old, you can change it and ensure that you are breathing clean air.


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