How To Keep Up With Children Home-schooling Work During Quarantine

How To Keep Up With Children Home-schooling Work During Quarantine

/ Post by Jerald Tate

As this Coronavirus outbreak, companies and schools worldwide have shut doors for protecting people’s life. It’s OK for parents to work from home to earn the living, but they also need to play the roles of teachers, to take care of their children’s educational needs themselves.  

Even though schools have scheduled homework packs or setting up ways of online courses for their pupils, but the responsibility will fall on parents to home-school their children until educational establishments reopen at a later date. How to cope with your kids could be a problem. These selected products by Jackcattegoods store will do help to your home-schooling work.


Personal health care

This is the foremost important for your kids. As this COVID-19 crisis like Tsunami washing away globally, WHO suggests people take good care of personal health, and parents have the obligation to grow kid habit to wash their hands. Especially coming home from outside and before meals



 Keep up with the schedule

Structure a week for your child that replicates a school week. Set them a timetable with start and end time, with breaks in between. Map out the learning they will be doing. Factor in movement breaks. If you’re not confident or have time constraints to do this effectively, outsource this service. But keep in mind to get the right posture for a long period of school work.



 Create an entertainment place

Never forget to have some breakdown, even adults need to entertain yourself with coffee during work time. Just make sure there is a play area for your kids so that they can play themselves with disturbing your own work.


 Cook nutritious meals

This is a great time to get creative with food, especially stocks and supplies are a bit limited in your area. Consider healthy nutritious meals that will boost the immune system, rather than baking and creating ’sugar highs’ that you can’t control!


 Work out together

Try and get children involved with your daily activities. If you usually do a morning work out; let them do it with you. You could also try finding new methods of relaxation such as deep breathing, mindfulness or meditation. As well as being great ways of calming the mind and relieving stress, they are all activities children can get involved in too.




Jackcattegoods team hopes these tips could help you. Although we are in a tough time, kids are always our sweet-heart, we should be grateful to have spent time with them, it’s meaningful.


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