Introducing 10 notable smart home products uncovered on CES 2020

Introducing 10 notable smart home products uncovered on CES 2020

/ Post by Jerald Tate

CES 2020 marks the 53rd annual run of the nation's biggest and most important consumer technology show. It begins every year in early January, and kicks off the year’s product cycle for consumer tech in categories from home, garden, to beauty and all intelligence appliances. Here we listed all the smart home appliances you may care about:

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera features the most security home

(Reported on Theverge)

The Floodlight Camera share many of the features, including 2K video with HDR, a built-in siren, color night vision, a 160-degree field of view, and two-way audio. There are a plate of powerful LEDs to better light the area in the camera’s field of view. Unlike other floodlight security cameras, Arlo’s Floodlight Camera doesn’t require any wiring; it can run entirely on rechargeable batteries.


Kohler touchless toilets create a fast and clean bath experience

(Reported on CNET)

Kohler is displaying touchless toilets at CES, which feature a sensor so you can flush with a wave of your hand. The sensor surrounds a physical handle and includes a color-changing night-light you can control from the Kohler Konnect app, where you can also adjust the sensitivity of the touchless control.


Kohler Setra is hands-free, Alexa-connected faucets

(Reported on CNET)

The Setra and other designs (Graze, Artifacts and Crue) include on and off voice control, presets for specific things like spaghetti pots, water usage monitoring, leak detection and both manual and touchless faucet controls. The Setra faucet functions much like the Kohler Sensate faucet we tried out in 2019, but with a transitional design and a better price. Sensate, Setra and Artifacts styles are available for order now, with Graze and Crue coming later this year.


Grill like a pro with Weber's new BBQ helper

(Reported on CNET)

The Weber Connect is smart enough to sense how thick the meat is, too. Armed with that knowledge, Weber says the Hub can predict accurate cook times for individual items. In fact, the Hub runs sophisticated software created through a partnership with smart oven startup June. It's the same code that will power Weber's upcoming pellet smoker, the Weber SmokeFire.


Nanoleaf moves beyond your walls with new Learning Series smart lights

(Reported by CNET)

Nanoleaf is also announcing new versions of its popular wall-mounted lights designed to support configurations that feature a mix of shapes. Nanoleaf calls them "unified light panels," and says that they'll support connections between new versions of the company's triangular, square and hexagonal panels for customers who want more of a tangram-type effect on their walls.


Philips Hue's new lights bring bigger, brighter colors outdoors

(Reported by CNET)

For those who'd like to expand their smart home lighting system outside the home, Philips Hue offers a wide range of outdoor lighting solutions, including a newly announced wall sconce called Appear. The device is now able to learn existing remotes, allowing users to program buttons to turn the device on or off and switch between HDMI inputs.


Harman Kardon's Citation Oasis be the smartest alarm clock

(Reported by CNET)

The Harman Kardon Citation Oasis does pretty much everything you need from a smart alarm clock -- not only does it have an LED clock like the Amazon Dot, along with a built-in voice assistant (Google), but it also has wireless charging for your phone.


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